Kazza's USA and Canada Trip, May-June 2004

In 2004, my parents and I embarked on a six week tour of North-west USA and South-west Canada. I dubbed the trip "Denver to Seattle via Canada". I took 3800 photos and movies. It took me six months to organise and label them all and cut it down to around 2000 which I presented at a "slide" night at my house in January 2005. It took me a further year and a half to finally index them with html to make them presentable to the web. Enjoy!

  • Day Index - all my photos in chronological order
  • State Index - we visited ten states and two territories, shown on the days we went to them
  • Panoramas - some fabulous panoramas stitched together from my photos
  • Movies - small mpgs I took of various things
  • State Routes - see where we went in each state (and country)