Day 6

Mt Stirling, Craig's Hut, Mt Buller

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Mt Stirling
Mt Buller from Mt Stirling road
[IMAGE] Bindaree Falls
[IMAGE] Craig's Hut, from Man From Snowy River
Craig's Hut
Craig's Hut with Victorian High Country
[IMAGE] Craig's Hut
[IMAGE] Craig's Hut with Mt Cobbler in the background (which is supposed to look like an American Indian side-on)
[IMAGE] Poster of the story of Craig's Hut
[IMAGE] Poster of the real man from Snowy River
Interior of Craig's Hut
Craig's Hut
[IMAGE] Buttercups
[IMAGE] Wild flowers
Wild flowers
[IMAGE] Buttercups
Mt Buller
Mt Buller ski slopes
Top of Mt Buller
[IMAGE] Sign showing what you can see around Mt Buller
Gnomes crossing ahead???
Ok maybe not crossing, but they do have a house there!

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